Data Analytics Innovation Challenges

"For a typical Fortune 1000 company, just a 10%
increase in data accessibility will result in more than
$65 million in additional net income."

Public Challenges that Deliver

Big Data Analytics

Does your business have 1 million or more data points? Discover new sources of income hidden in your data sets. IdeaConnection has an ideal platform that allows confidential exploration of your data for opportunities that will expand your business.

How It Works

Approximately 100 programmers will compete for prizes in a competition to create innovative algorithms that maximize the potential of your data.

Each challenge will run approximately 3 months, afterwhich you can choose to award one or more programmers and receive algorithms that can turn your big data into information you can use to grow your business.

data analytics challenges

What's Included?

IdeaConnection will provide hosting and bandwidth for your confidential, multi-page mini-website. We can provide the design, or you can supply your own. Access to the back end allows you to monitor the course of the challenge. A report is provided to update you weekly on the challenge progress.

We know your data is confidential so our trustworthy coders work under confidentiality agreements on your challenge. Your website is password protected, so only approved participants will have access.

data analytics challenges

The Process

Call us today to discuss the nature of your big data challenge and the goals you want to achieve. Once your platform is launched, coders are invited to participate. Selected programmers will sign an NDA and be given access to the challenge website.

Participants will write their algorithms and test them against test data, and after 90 days, you will choose the winner.

Your one-time fee includes the prize that IdeaConnection will disburse to the successful participant.

Discover the opportunities hidden in your data!

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