RetroShape Tactile Smartwatch

The RetroShape aims to rethink smartwatch control via a tactile display and deformable back.

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For a person who is both deaf and blind an upgrade to ....BRAILLE............Touch FACE. Watch/Computer
With.....BRAILLE.......... .feed back by your present method to the back of hand.
Would provide an UNOBTRUSIVE means of communications,
Together with an optional speaker output. Would Revolutionize Braille - PEOPLE
If at University get the Chanceller to get you Free funding, No luck approach HEAD- Deaf-Blind-ORGANIZATION with your present proof of concept. If that fails go to crowd funding, stating aims and goals ,((Register as a charity))! and you pay no tax on funds received.
Best of luck we need people like you,
Regards Stephen Fitton.
P.s. Get the above impass through and I will take you light years past-even this concept
Posted by Stephen Fitton on November 3, 2017

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