Problem Solver

Abani Kumar Dash

Areas Abani Kumar Dash is Knowledgeable in:


Techniques Abani Kumar Dash Uses:

Appreciation - Extracting maximum information from facts
5 Whys - Getting quickly to the root of a problem
Cause & Effect Diagrams - Identifying likely causes of problems
Affinity Diagrams - Organizing ideas into common themes
Appreciative Inquiry - Solving problems by looking at what's going right
Flow Charts - Understanding process flows
Risk Analysis and Risk Management
SWOT - Analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
PEST Analysis - Understanding "big picture" forces of change
The Marketing Mix and the 4 Ps - Understanding how to position your market offering
The Ansoff Matrix - Understanding the different risks of different options
The Boston Matrix - Focusing effort to give the greatest returns
Porter's Five Forces - Understanding the balance of power in a situation
Core Competence Analysis - Get ahead. Stay ahead.
USP Analysis - Finding your competitive edge
Critical Success Factors - Identifying the things that really matter for success
The Greiner Curve - Surviving the crises that come with growth
The McKinsey 7S Framework - Ensuring all parts of your organization work in harmony

Abani Kumar Dash's Problem Solving Skills:


Abani Kumar Dash's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. •Over 12 years of marketing experience in the Steel, Lubrication, Bearing, HOT Rolling Mill Plant and Oxygen Plant.
    •Adept in starting and building new ventures to establish the company.
    •Extensive experience in developing procedures, service standards & operational policies for business excellence.
    •Competent planner with abilities in devising effective strategies for augmenting business, identifying and penetrating new market segments.
    • Proficient in building, managing & motivating teams & keeping attention under control.
    •Ability to maintain smooth and cordial relations with business partners and good rapport with customers.