Problem Solver

AG McAdams

I learn quickly, provide honest assessments, and have strong critical analysis capability. Experience in environmental, biological, and forestry fields. My experience in emergency management shows ability to work quickly, decisively, and with a recognition (and ability to describe) probability of success.

Strong ability to organize.

Areas AG McAdams is Knowledgeable in:

My government experience in forestry, environmental, and biological sciences combined with emergency management experience provides aptitude in defining risk, recognizing sideboards, and providing a wide-range of options with varying probabilities of success.

AG McAdams's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Government experience
  2. Emergency Management
  3. Fire suppression

AG McAdams's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. My experience to date has included solving emerging issues during emergency management actions where quick decisions and realistic solutions are required. Solutions focus on practical techniques with measured risk.
  2. Regular use of strong analytical skills to develop solutions to everydays issues in a regulated environment; creativity and knowledge of existing rules and regulations are necessary to manage within existing sideboards but to allow for maximum creativity and imagination in solutions.