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Book Chapters (* Indicate Corresponding Author)
1. Khalid A., Ahmad Z., Mahmood S., Mahmood T., Imran M. (2017) Role of Ethylene and Bacterial ACC-Deaminase in Nodulation of Legumes. In: Zaidi A., Khan M., Musarrat J. (eds.) Microbes for Legume Improvement. (pp 95-118), Springer, Cham, Switzerland.
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Original Research Articles Published
3. Yu Tia,Xiaoming Xi,Jinhua Wang,Lusheng Zhu,Jun Wang,Fengzhao Zhang, Zulfiqar Ahmad. 2019. Chronic Toxicological Effects of Carbamazepine on Daphnia magna Straus: Effects on Reproduction Traits, Body Length, and Intrinsic Growth. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. (I.F.=1.65)
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Submitted/Under Review:
1. Zulfiqar Ahmad, Hua Zhong, David E. Crowley, Muhammad Imran, Guansheng Liu, Shaista Andleeb, Sabir Hussain, Iftikhar Ahmad. 2019. Rhamnolipid biosurfactant from Klebsiella sp.: Production, identification, functional stability and the effect on phenanthrene degradation. Collide and Surface Interface: B. COLSUB-S-19-01358 (Under Review).
2. Guansheng Liu, Zulfiqar Ahmad, Xin Yang, Hua Zhong. 2019. Transport of engineered nanoparticles in porous media and its enhancement for remediation of contaminated groundwater. Nano Research, NARE-D-18-01085. (Under Review).
3. Lili Huo, Hua Zhong, Guansheng Liu, Zulfiqar Ahmad. 2019. Surfactant-enhanced aquifer remediation: Application overview, limitations and the corresponding countermeasures. Chemosphere. (Under Review).
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5. Aqil Tariq,Iqra Riaz, Zulfiqar Ahmad*, Bisheng Yang, Muhammad Amin,Rukhsana Kausar, Shaista Andleeb, Muhammad Aslam Farooqi, Muhammad Rafiq. Land surface temperature relation with normalized satellite indices for the estimation of spatio-temporal trends in temperature among various land use land cover classes of an arid Potohar region using Landsat data. Environmental Earth Sciences, ENGE-D-18-01878R1. (Under Review).
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