Problem Solver

Armogast P N Lewella

Areas Armogast P N Lewella is Knowledgeable in:

marketing,finance,credit,environment,creativity,interpersonal relationships,

Techniques Armogast P N Lewella Uses:

The techniques I used were that I GOT RESULTS THROUGH PEOPLE.I made suggestions and people came with ideas and ways forward on how to solve the problems.I USED IMPLIED LEADERSHIP AND NOT COMPLIED LEADERSHIP.So I got the best results.

Armogast P N Lewella's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. DESIGN,ENTERTAINMENT,RESEARCH,SALES,BRANDING,POLITICS,society.geography,businesshospitality

Armogast P N Lewella's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Environment:I have shown people of Tana River District in Kenya that even in areas which are very dry can be claimed and made fertile and trees can grow there,and villagers can embrace change by planting trees.I helped planting of over 10,000 tree seedlings in Hola at schools,churches,offices and in the forest.I have done the same in Nairobi at Karura forest where I PLANTED 78 TREES IN ONE DAY .i HAVE SHOWN PEOPLE THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO CHANGE environment for the better.Many people have followed my example .I HAVE MENTORED MANY PEOPLE. Armogast