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Abdella Adus

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Herbal or alternative evidence based medicine for kidney & Gout deseases

Techniques Abdella Adus Uses:

Looking for a partners, researchers, pharmaceuticals companies, dealing with kidney, gout ,HT and diabetes. we have discovered effective herbal medicine (proved over more than 500 individuals) WITH Kidney stone, and diseases, gouty arthritis ,HT and diabetes through flushing out body poisons such as 1.cholesterol 2. Uric Acid and others. Observed blood chemistry changed
1.FBS from 470 to 130
2. Kidney stone expulsion
3. cholesterol from 330 to 220...
4.Creatinine from 14 to 3
5. BUN from 177 to 53
In addition we seen uremia patients creatinine dropped from 14 to 9 , 6, 3 and able to urinate naturally. Individual nephrologists , scientist drug manufacturers encouraged.
Please contact us by the addresses mentioned below.
Contact person Engineer Abdella Adus
Telephone +251912234475

Abdella Adus's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. flying ,non destructive test methods

Abdella Adus's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed a process that increases productivity & fertility for live stock & I hold a patent with this process.