Problem Solver

Abhijeet Vaze

I am good at problem solving , Understanding , Mathematical/conceptual modeling , optimizing , and providing effective solutions. Solutions from me would definitely be easy to implement & cost effective from life cycle point of view

Areas Abhijeet Vaze is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanical engineering component design,Diesel engine design ,

Techniques Abhijeet Vaze Uses:

six sigma , decision trees, mathematical models , Available text book theory

Abhijeet Vaze's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. System optimization
  2. sealing fluids
  3. Design and Analysis calculation
  4. Six sigma
  5. Graphology, body language

Abhijeet Vaze's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. exhaust manifold leakage problem was solved using metallic sealing rings design.
  2. Vortex type crankcase ventialtion valve size was optimized by me using six sigma techniques and a transfer function for the effect of various parameter was used to reduce size.
  3. engine cooling package size optimisation was done considering avaialble space in a vehicle and calculations for engine cooling
  4. engine powertrain component design - Available knowledge for sizing of various engine powertrain components was used and converted into excel VB programs to aid in study of sensitivity analysis.
  5. GErotor lube oil pumps was modelled mathematically and optimised.