Problem Solver

Achilleas Gabrielides

together we can find a various solutions
speak to me
what do you feel
what would you think if we go about it in this way?

Areas Achilleas Gabrielides is Knowledgeable in:

Hospitality & Catering
Environment issues

Techniques Achilleas Gabrielides Uses:

problem recognition from all perspectives, Analysis, gathering of information, brainstorm, designing potential solutions, foreseeing potential outcomes of proposed solutions, implementing most efficient technique

Achilleas Gabrielides's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Hospitality & Catreing
  2. Automotive
  3. Design (Houses, Industrial, Auto)
  4. Business
  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Consumer products
  7. Space management
  8. Marine (Diving, Personal watercraft)

Achilleas Gabrielides's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I was a Food & Beverage manager, i was responsible for 130 staff members with ages ranging from 18- 60 of different backgrounds, races, religions. Co-operation, teamwork and consistency in product and service was a challenge in order to get people with different values, aims and motives to work for you as a whole team.

    Sports activities that included teamwork, made strong and lasting bonds in the workplace. Being fair, bold and straight in decision making without discriminating awarded good respect.
  2. Class rep in Uni. for 4.5 yrs which lead me in advancing my negotiating and problem solving skills.It was our responsibility to get our fellow classmates problems solved through the course of the meetings with the faculty and the dean. There was a very early curfew in University campus, we were negotiating to solve the problem that students were not able to go out until late for an evening or were coming in after the curfew(receiving written warnings in the process). My solution was to extend the curfew until 0100 during the weekdays, on the basis that the students would meet the curfew and not incur problems.
    I organised a meeting with my fellow classmates inform them of the solution but motivating them to meet the curfew in order for the students to gradually gain more negotiating power.

    Curfew was being met and the semester after it was further extended due to good behaviour and punctuality.(my semester there were 130 students)