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Ades Singh

I am a Physics graduate with a ability to get myself embroiled in areas of applied science that have a big impact.
I have innate innovation skills and have worked in fields as diverse as health to shockwave mitigation, artificially triggering snow avalanches and reducing emissions from engine exhaust. One I have understood the problem and commit myself to it, in all probability I shall come up with an appropriate solution.

To prevent the spread of respiratory tract secretions through the balloon sold to children by balloon sellers, I developed a low cost pump suitable for inflating balloons.

I developed and patented a method of converting the sinusoidal motion of sea water into usable energy. This approach added another dimension to the true wave energy potential of any location. The conventional wave energy equation currently used to determine the available wave power at any costal location does not display this factor.

Developed and applied patent, for a muffler for internal combustion engine, that not only removes particulate matter from any engine exhaust but significantly, also reduces the back pressure experienced by the engine in expelling the exhaust gases. The use of the muffler results in fuel saving of over 15%. The muffler has been tested at the Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.

Developed an novel means to artificially trigger snow avalanche through the use of a ropeway with a unique disposable snow proximity sensor that helps place the explosive charge at the desired height above the unstable snow pack, in places not in visual contact.

Developed a Radio frequency weapons approach to counter the threat of remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) faced by the Indian Army. The approach was tested and appreciated by High ranking Army Officers and Scientists of the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO).

Developed and applied patent for a explosive blast force mitigation devise, that works at distances as close as 0.5 meter from the explosive, to greatly reduce the mortality in IED blasts against vehicles. The approach has been tested at the DRDO labs and at Army firing Ranges with charges upto 10 Kg. of HE. The results were highly encouraging and more tests are under preparation.

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