Problem Solver

Aadil Waseem

Aadil Waseem
I have varied experience and background that allowed me to find inspired solutions in everything. It is a natural process that my previous experience plays a vital role in understand any kind of problem and present its solution. It is my law to be open to consider every option because sometimes a small change in the methodology we develop to solve a problem can make a huge difference. I always work to understand the problem in the first place.

Areas Aadil Waseem is Knowledgeable in:

Physics, Statistics, and Mathematics

Techniques Aadil Waseem Uses:

SPSS, Manual, Origin, Matlab, WIEN2K, C++ Programming, Literature searching for research papers, Lateral thinking to solve problems, and Mind maps.

Aadil Waseem's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Formulation Development
  2. Thin Film Coatings
  3. Mathematical Modeling
  4. Simulation Using WIEN2K
  5. Physics
  6. Mathematical Methods of Physics
  7. Physical Chemistry
  8. Data Analysis Using SPSS and Other Customized Applications
  9. Calculus
  10. Thermodynamics
  11. Mathematical Economics
  12. Linguistic Anthropology and Phonetics
  13. Solar
  14. PPT Preparation
  15. Report Writing (Baseline Studies, Press Releases, Quarterly and Monthly Progress Reports)

Aadil Waseem's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have solved many problems relating the above specified skills.