Problem Solver

Adriano Autino

Adriano Autino
Please involve me, I have dozens of excellent ideas, that I will never be able to develop. I will be happy if some of them will be developed, and even happier if you will give me part of your profit coming from development of my ideas!

Areas Adriano Autino is Knowledgeable in:

systems engineering, project processes maturity, social-economic matters, emerging space economy how to help it to emerge and take off, automation, continuos process control real time systems

Techniques Adriano Autino Uses:

1) analysis of the problem
2) search for existent solutions to similar problems
3) design a solution

Adriano Autino's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. open the space frontier
  2. solving the global recession crisis
  3. project lifecycle management
  4. post copernican philosophy
  5. space renaissance
  6. systems engineering
  7. pay for thinking
  8. lean and cheap methodology for project life cycle management

Adriano Autino's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am the author of an original fully integrated methodology for managing the project life cycle: requirements, test engineering, risks, problems, documents, interfaces, on one only shared database.
  2. I founded the Space Renaissance Initiative, a world wide organization targeted to create an academy for the development of the post copernican philosophy, helping humans to expand into space.
    The SRI is now working on several large education programs, and some great events, able to move the attention of the public opinion and poke governments to adopt policies of support to the emerging space economy.