Problem Solver

Agileswaran Veerasingam

Agileswaran Veerasingam
if the problems is exit there then should be the solution also available there.

Areas Agileswaran Veerasingam is Knowledgeable in:

computer science( java, j2ee,, , mysql..etc),physics,entertainment, environment, movie industry,science, society, internet, hardwere problems and marketing.

Agileswaran Veerasingam's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. prgramming knowledge using java, , and web development using php and

Agileswaran Veerasingam's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. when we was doing a project called laser communication which project should convert sound frequency into light wave and then it transmitted through air. when i coded the convertion part of project i have faced lot of problems and i tried to solve these problems by analytical thinking and good knowledge in oop concept.