Problem Solver

Agustin Ramirez

Agustin Ramirez
They are people working in the day to day operation, that most of the times know what the problems are, but does not have time enough to solve them.

Areas Agustin Ramirez is Knowledgeable in:

Consummer products, sales and distribution
Suplay chain
Master schedule planns
Trainning developing
Balanced scorecards

Techniques Agustin Ramirez Uses:

Observation, diagnosis, skills development, productivity increase, process mapping, management trainning, follow up on the floor.

Agustin Ramirez's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. New products launching
  2. Trainning
  3. Microsoft office expertise
  4. Leadership
  5. Routing

Agustin Ramirez's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I developed several master planning charts for maintenance (mechanical and electrical) inclouding routines, procedures, safety procedures, materials needed.
    Preventive and predective maintenance.
  2. - I developed routing design for bottling companies, before de new products launching, and also in market contraction.
  3. - I developed a tool to managed sales forecast, production masterplan, based on historic sales and marketing plans. It worked so good for a cracker plant, an aluminium plant and also for an electric materials manufacturer.
  4. - I've Researched, designed, and developed packaging of new products, some of those products became best sellers in their categories.
  5. - I developed a method consisting in involved workers into safety procedures, two years after the solution was installed the plant became the most secure plant among all other plants in Mexico (mining)
  6. - I managed a two year consecutive increase for more than 100% (yearly) of a consumer product (brazilian imported chocolate) against big brands such as Nestle and Hershey´s
  7. - I've developed sales strategies for magazines and newspaper, including sales trainning, management trainning.
  8. - I've managed new products launching for consumer products, avoiding cannibalization of the line products, taking care of advertinsing, operational planning, sampling, ditribution.
  9. - I developed several managmente tools to control supply chain in a large mexican organization (more than six thousend distribution routes). The result was the decrease of 50% of the total inventories.
  10. - I've participated in the new mexican retirement plan (Afores) with Santander, a new participant in mexican finantial market. Achieving second place nationalwide, beating big banks such as Bancomer, Serfin and so on. Recruited, trained, and managed a team of 400 sales staff. I also coordinated all 60 Santander information booths across the country.