Problem Solver

Aida Juarez

Areas Aida Juarez is Knowledgeable in:

education, architecture, construction and urban planning

Techniques Aida Juarez Uses:

Previous data, statistics, tables, existing maps and drawings

Aida Juarez's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Creativity to develop new ideas
  2. I have the ability to analyze from a big perspective, but to give specific ideas to intervene.
  3. I also have imagination to develop designing projects.

Aida Juarez's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I was part of the technical support that built up a strategy for school construction of an educational found of the IDB (International development bank). (2010-2011)
  2. - I developed an urban plan idea for Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This was a municipality contest. My proposal was selected to guide the tourist growth of the city. (2009-2010)
  3. - I did a case study of the Zaventem airport, Belgium. I found out three possible corridors between Brussels and the airport to create greenery, small key project and bicycle paths along the area. (2007)