Problem Solver

Akindele Akingbade

Akindele Akingbade
problem share is problem solve, if you dont tell people what is bordering your mind, you cant get the solution

Areas Akindele Akingbade is Knowledgeable in:

Marketing, Counselling

Akindele Akingbade's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Educational Counselling
  2. Internet Skill
  3. Stock Exchange Market
  4. pychology
  5. Administrative work
  6. socio-personal problem
  7. Marketing
  8. Securities and Safety
  9. Typing skill and computer Instructors
  10. Supervising Construction site

Akindele Akingbade's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I read Guidance and Counselling in University, which make me to interact and solve problem on educational aspect. School placement and career choice which l involve in have help many youth in my area to get admission both in my Country and abroad.I solmnly involve myself in assisting people to understands themself and believes their potentials.
  2. where l work presently l am an Administrative Manager, and l make sure that staff welfarism is highly important in my the organisation for smooth running of it.
  3. I once solve a problem of bedwetting of an adult girl in my area, she have kept this problem with her self until she decide to visit me and narate the problem. l make the proper referral service and for now she is so greatful for mu role in her life.
  4. l supervise my family house construction process from foundation to conclusion.
  5. Most broken home and relationship is being brought back to live. I have organise marital counselling for those in relationship , which makes them to understand the reason for marriage and when obstacle arise ,how they could handle it without third party involvement.