Problem Solver

Aleem Butt

Aleem Butt

Areas Aleem Butt is Knowledgeable in:

Environmental Monitorings (Air, Water, Waste, Noise, Lux)
Air Pollution abtement techniques
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Health, Safety and Environment
Energy Audits
Environmental Audits
Environmental Impact Assesments
Drinking Water Treatment
Noise Control Solutions

Techniques Aleem Butt Uses:

Most of the problems have been solved by emplying enginnering solutions and controling devices etc

Aleem Butt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. waste water treatment and its tecnologies
  2. energy audits
  3. Air Emissions Control Systems
  4. Environmental Impact Assesments (EIA)
  5. Monitoring and Analysis of water, waste water, ambient air, stackemissions, nosie, lux etc
  6. Indoor Air Quality
  7. Social Impact Assesments
  8. Bio-gas
  9. Drinking Water Treatment
  10. environmental audits
  11. Noise Control Solutions

Aleem Butt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Design and develop dust and air emissions control scrubbers in large industries
  2. Design noise control solutions in generators of different industries
  3. Design waste water treatment plants of different industries
  4. Did Environmental Impact Assesments of different industries and projects
  5. Develop Health, Safety and Environmental Manual of different industries including Atlas Honda, ICI etc