Problem Solver

Alexander Blionas

Alexander Blionas
It might do some time to solve your problem, but I will provide you the most up to date and accurate information possible.

Areas Alexander Blionas is Knowledgeable in:

Medical Siences

Techniques Alexander Blionas Uses:

Throughout investigation of every possible link about the problem and optical reasoning through the use of sketch.

Alexander Blionas's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Medical Clinical and Diagnostic Skills

Alexander Blionas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. A person approcahed me after losing a lovved one (mother). He experienced sympoms of dyspnea of acute start. I concluded that these problems where a part of a somatization disorder caused by the stressfull event. After consulting him my self, I suggested he received some more psychiatric consultations and avoid psychotropic medicine. After following my guidlines he returned to normal functionality.
  2. A person approached my with chronic cough. After investigation I realised he had post-nasal drip syndrome. I started a treatment plan for him aiming at empirical elimination of PNDS. Finnaly I reached the final step of the therapy, since the patient did not respond to antihistamines, corticosteroids. He received intranasal ippratropium and symptoms were largely releived.
  3. A person approached me wih lower back pain. The diagnosis initially seemed as lumbar disk disease. Doctors where dismissing this patient continuously. After carefull investigation of this case I concluded there was a great possibility for that to be a spinal cord tumour. I reffered the patient for MRI and a tumour was found and he was reffered for surgery.
  4. A person approached me with chronic headache. He was fully ijnvestigated my douzens of doctors and nobody could reach a diagnosis. I concluded his headache is Trigeminal Neuralgia, and did a pharmaceutical test to confirm it. His headache responded to Carbamazepine and therefore the diagnosis was confirmed and patient was reffered for surgery according to his wish.
  5. A person approached me with a medical problem. He was experiencing redness in various parts of his skin, sebbhoreic dermatitis of the scalp, and was developing small firm hard nodules in his ear lobes. I suggested to that patient to do an allergy test, since I considered it to be of allergic aetiology to specific foods. It was proven that the patient had indeed an allergy speciffically to milk. He avoided milk and all symptoms were
  6. A person approached me with eyelid infection. He had allready visited the ophtalmologist, and he had administered to him Coticosteroid ointment and Aminoglycoside antibiotic. The eyelid infection was ressistant to these medicine. I concluded that the eyelid infection cause was Staphylococcus, and therefore I concluded that corticosteroids should be ceased and that fusidic acid ointment should be administer to combat staphylococcus. This therapy was commenced and the infection ceased after 2 days.