Problem Solver

Alin Nesvaderani

There are infinite ways to tackle any problem. I aim to seek a solution with minimum disruption and maximum use of abundant existing resources which are always ignored.

Areas Alin Nesvaderani is Knowledgeable in:

Application of Engineering, Algorith and Scientific know how to find solutions with minimum change to existing assets, to gain major shifts in outcome, possibly even a paradigm shift !

Techniques Alin Nesvaderani Uses:

observe, assess requirement, assess resources, rapid prototype to refine and mature in practise and under real end-user demands;

Alin Nesvaderani's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Expert System development for highly complex operations/diagnosis
  2. Rapid Application Development or Prototyping of software algorithm
  3. Multi-disciplinary Engineering design, manufacture, testing and troubleshooting
  4. Building, Construction, and Structural designing and troubleshooting
  5. Renewable energy solutions/innovations
  6. Software and Systems testing, manually and robotic

Alin Nesvaderani's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Currently researching and experimenting Vertical Farming. Seeking down-sized high-tech Vertical Farming solutions to offer a paradigm shift to traditional farming, should extreme climate changes not allow traditional farming to operate at the mercy of the weather.
  2. Developed a PC-based Expert System, in visual basic, capable of learning complex procedures and capable of applying 10 rule bases of 8 nesting levels each . . . making up to 2,560 decisions;
  3. Conducted a massive data flow analysis in a Telco to assess host-based computer functions, serving a major fault management division, logging, tracking and responding to PABX equipment failures. Also developing robotic software testing solutions for the same systems around 1993;
  4. Planned, implemented and managed a semi knock down low density VHF/UHF radio-telephony R&D and production line from scratch in a run-down plant around 1982-1984 ;
  5. Enhanced some biomedical equipment, measuring basic haematology parameters, to perform more blood test calculated parameters in around 1985;