Problem Solver

Aline te Linde

I am an ambitious and creative scientist and consultant, owning a consultancy firm, working at a research institute (Deltares, Delft), and at the VU University Amsterdam. I have more than 10 years professional experience.

I always search for, and often find, improvements in technical modeling, project management and business processes.

I am broadly interested in science and engineering, with a focus on sustainability.

Areas Aline te Linde is Knowledgeable in:

Water management, climate change, extreme events, lifehacking, performance, social media

Techniques Aline te Linde Uses:

- Data mining and statistical analysis (for example by MatLab)
- Use conceptual and physically based (engineering) models
- Physics
- Cost-benefit analysis
- (Scientific) literature research
- Questionnaires
- Organize co-creation by online communities, and personal contact, through meetings and workshops
- Personal trainings

Aline te Linde's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Decision support systems
  2. Risk analysis
  3. Personal effectiveness
  4. R&D performance measurement
  5. Knowledge management
  6. Lifehacking
  7. GTD
  8. Web2.0
  9. Extreme value analysis
  10. Innovation
  11. Climate change related issues

Aline te Linde's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I developed integrated water management plans for several governments.
    - I trained knowledge workers in two research institutes on improving their effectiveness, which resulted in increased productivity.
    - I upgraded the digital knowledge base and expert systems in a large company, for example, by digitizing their archives.