Problem Solver

Barbara Alison Daube star Proven Solver

I am a hard-working, goal-oriented researcher who is both thorough and diligent in seeking the most resourceful and reliant solutions to technical challenges.

Areas Barbara Alison Daube is Knowledgeable in:

analytical chemistry
polymer chemistry
biomedical applications

Techniques Barbara Alison Daube Uses:

I have a natural inclination to streamline and maximize the output from processes.

Barbara Alison Daube's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. manufacturing
  2. pharmaceuticals
  3. recreational water treatment
  4. food and beverage industry
  5. protein chemistry
  6. GMP
  7. medical devices
  8. technical writing
  9. QA/QC
  10. process optimization
  11. Regulatory FDA and EPA
  12. biochemistry
  13. analytical method development
  14. enzymology
  15. polymer formulation
  16. GC
  17. project management
  18. organic synthesis
  19. training/mentorship
  20. lab supervision
  21. research and development
  22. UV/vis
  23. GLP
  24. GC/MS
  25. HPLC

Barbara Alison Daube's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Replacement of Paraffin in Kraft pulp products used for packaging food goods using new sizing agent
  2. New biomedical devices that are more reliable and "body-friendly"
  3. I solved a contact lens development problem by reformulating the prepolymer
  4. Reduction in loss of food safety system components using new injection formulation in whole meat systems.
  5. I doubled the throughput of samples in an analytical method.
  6. I developed a new analytical method for quantification of an analyte minimizing the error 14% from the old method.
  7. I increased the crude yield of an organic synthesis from 30 to 70%
  8. Extension of shelf-life in BOPP-packaged food goods using new biopolymers