Problem Solver

Amardeep K S

I strongly believe that there is no problem without any solutions. I will surely help you to find solution to your problems with less amount of time.

Areas Amardeep K S is Knowledgeable in:

Mathematical Physics and Physics

Techniques Amardeep K S Uses:

Basically, I believe that the major step in solving any of the problems is understanding the problem which forms the 40% of the solution. So I give more importance in understanding problem. I follow the below steps in order to solve any problem:

1)Identify the relevant concepts.
2)Setup the problem(like choosing equations or drawing relevant diagrams, etc)
3)Execute the solution( like performing the math)
4)Evaluate the answer in order to achieve the better understanding.

Amardeep K S's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Expertised in the C , C++
  2. Expertised in Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics
  3. Expertised in Mathematical Physics
  4. Expertised in using MATLAB

Amardeep K S's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have worked with Boeing 787 Flight software development project as a Developer using C language.