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Ammanamanchi Radhakrishna

Ammanamanchi Radhakrishna 25-Year of scientific career has given me a passion for creative (out of box) approaches for research and problem solving capabilities. I have obtained my Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Poona University - INDIA. I have developed more than 35 chemical processes, which are commercially produced presently. I am author /co-author for 9 publications and 5 patents. My major scientific fields of interests includes: Natural products, Synthetic organic chemistry, Biopolymers, Heterocyclic chemistry, Analytical Research, Drug Development, New Polymer formulations, Biotechnology- Biocatalysts in Organic Synthesis. Proteomics- low molecular weight Polypeptide in human, Disease Biomarker development, ChemBio informatics. My contributions to various open innovation challenges has been recognized and awarded in the fields of Biotechnology, Genetic engineering, Agriculture Biotechnology, Textile, Polymer, Cellulosic fabric, Fluoropolymer, Medical, Paper industries, Environment, Health recently. My goal is to innovate and lead the development of a great science that has high impact on a large section of potential users by a team that employs best practices to ensure high level of quality science. I enjoy solving difficult problems -- particularly those that require cross-pollination from one field to another. Presently working on a life’s ambitious project “Efforts to Understand the Life Language Code” with a team of young scientific minds.