Problem Solver

André Rodrigues

André Rodrigues

André Rodrigues's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Intellectual Property Broker
  2. Tecnology and Knowledge Transfer Expert
  3. Intellectual Property Strategic Consultant

André Rodrigues's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. In my professional experience i assist innovation-driven organizations, professionals and companies to identify, capture and maximize value from Intellectual Property and other Intangible Assets.

    I do this, by looking to Intellectual Property Assets not as a mere legal issue, but as a real business issue that could be deal not only by lawyers but specially by CEO's and other companies professionals.

    Technology and knowledge transfer deals a lot with IP matters and that could became a problem if we don't manage it well.

    With my expertise innovation becomes complete and monetized. Intellectual Property helps to move innovation to another level.

    Its not easy to identify IP assets in a commercial transaction. And is even harder to regulate and manage it well.

    That's what i do best, that's my professional goal.