Problem Solver

Aanirudh thakur

get solution in fast and easy way

Areas Aanirudh thakur is Knowledgeable in:

 Research and Development
 Prototype development
 Modification in automation
 Projects related to renewable energy (new concepts only )
 Projects related to human kind
 Development of Specific output machines
 Development of hi-tech cities/hi-tech agriculture system

Techniques Aanirudh thakur Uses:

modify the existing technology, if not sufficient than develop a new technology. I can also develop new technology as per the customer requirement .

Aanirudh thakur's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. new simple mechanisms of machines

Aanirudh thakur's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1 > Related to hydro ( patent pending) 384/del/2012
    2> Related to writing ( patent pending) ref no – 1113/del/2012
    3 > Related marking ( Patent Pending ) ref no -1145/del/2012
    4> Related to agriculture – applied for patent ref no not generated till now
    5> 7 more inventions in hands ( 4/7 – designs / 2d drawings/blue prints are ready)
    6> one project related to rural development is pending with Nabard
    (For their consideration under rif funding)