Anna Scott

Anna Scott
My training as both a field ethnographer and dancer make me a very unique and highly skilled individual at the intersection of innovation, non-verbal and cross-cultural communication. I am trained to create data of the everyday, then mobilize it through indexically challenging, real-time "experiments" in the field. Additionally, I have learned and progressed the field of dance critical theory, which unique positions me to be able to translate and communicate the nonverbal into various types of written devices. Taken together, the study of humans and the study of movement of writing, I approach any problem as a Professional Stranger, work through it as if I am creating a characters for a performance, then report solutions that foreground and prioritize strengthened ecologies of user/makers.

Anna Scott's educational achievements:

Stanford University — A.B. Anthropology (Social Sciences) with honors, 1991
Northwestern University — Ph.D. Performance Studies (Certificates in African Studies and radio/television/Film), 2001