Anna Scott

Anna Scott
I am a specialist in the performance of black expressive practices as they intersect transnational capital, which means that I am good at talking about race, practice, process, performance, and moneymaking. I have particular expertise in Afro-Brazilian practices in the state of Bahia. Most of my interviews to date have been about the African Diaspora, more widely speaking.

I also make panel presentations about equity and sustainability in local arts funding, presenting and management.

The two interviews listed below do not have public links. VH1 keeps offline archives. The show aired in the summer of 2001.
The other has the maker's info if you are interested. The title is still in production. Interview was just completed in January of 2010

Interviews with Anna Scott:

"From the Waist Down: Dance, Sex & Rock-n-Roll"
Sweet Christmas: Black Superheroes in Sequential Art (VERY tentative title)