Problem Solver

Anthony Majahad

Anthony Majahad

Areas Anthony Majahad is Knowledgeable in:

wet/bench chemistry, air monitoring, wastewater, source emissions, air pollution modeling, general problem solving of anything...

Techniques Anthony Majahad Uses:

Total emmersion into the subject and extensive literature searches, as well as thinking laterally and outside the box.

Anthony Majahad's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. excellent bench chemist
  2. enjoy geometry problems

Anthony Majahad's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Expained how to take two overlapping particle data sets and used regression techniques to predict concentrations based on historical information... the researcher stole my approach and never gave me credit for showing them the approach to predicting data...
  2. I expanded a patent that describes the plasma etching of medical prosthetics and introduce total new concepts in the technology.

    I helped design and build a gas-phase titration system for the calibration of ambint air monitors (NO + O3 --> NO2 + O2)... proved the NIST (formerly MBS) ozone generator was improperly calibrated and reporting lower concentrations than were actually being generated.