Problem Solver

Anthony Ussery star Proven Solver

Anthony Ussery
If your looking for someone that can think both in and out of the box, acting solo or working in a group. That has a no quit attitude and will only settle for the right solutions. Then I'm the person you are looking for. I also have a vast supply of contacts and connections should you need help in implementing your solution. Bottom line is I get the job done.

Areas Anthony Ussery is Knowledgeable in:

My knowledge is project management, marketing, any type of negotiations, taking businesses that are in the red and turning them around. Rainmaking and Project Facilitation are my specialties.

Techniques Anthony Ussery Uses:

Extensive problem solving examination; Determining entry point of problem solving; Modeling; Role Playing; Algorithmic methods, Hydra method; Rival Hypotheses; Cause and Effect; SWOT; Value Chain Analysis; PEST Analysis

Anthony Ussery's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Time Management
  2. Motivational Expert
  3. Strategist - Creative Thinker
  4. Facilitator
  5. Negotiator
  6. Executive Coaching
  7. Rainmaking
  8. Marketing
  9. Logistics
  10. Communications

Anthony Ussery's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Assisting EcoStrat Incorporated in getting its water saving product into the marketplace. It is going through its waiting stage with Simplot.
  2. Led the team that negotiated the Revlon M&A, Litton Microwave M&A, TWA M&A, RJR Nabisco to name a few in the 80's.
  3. Assisted the NFL Retired Players in completing a multi-million dollar marketing deal with GTE.
  4. Helped the inventors of the Auto Impedance Light get it to market and the law changed to make it mandatory for New Automobiles to have the light build in.
  5. Created and helped implement the SOP for Strategic Alliance Group, Worldwide.
  6. Assisted Compex in getting its sports product reestablished in the US.
  7. Assisted Buying World in getting into the College Market to create and service fund raising Buying Clubs on a new IPTV network for each school. They now have over 2,500,000 clients.
  8. Helped Olsen Peek Technologies get its product in the telecommunications market in the US and Canada. I then negotiated the company's buyout to GTE.
  9. Assisted EcoStrat Incorporated in getting its magnetic auto emission reduction product into China and Korea and tested in the US.
  10. Headed a special task force for Mayor Tom Bradley, for expanding the Los Angeles International Airport. Also led implementation of the Los Angeles Business Hub.