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Miguel Aon

Miguel Aon A scientist by training, I have a PhD in chemical sciences, a Master degree in Engineering and a Bachelor in Science.

I have performed academic research in Medicine, mentoring and grant writing during 13 years at Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine (Baltimore, MD) and worked in the academic and biotechnology sectors in France and Argentina.

My core competency includes a solid scientific and technical background and practice in life and medical sciences.

I am seeking opportunities as a consultant on scientific and technical matters specifically related to:

1) Management of nutrition and fitness in high performance athletes with diabetes

2) Management of metabolic disorder due to diabetes and obesity

3) Role assessment of mitochondria in diabetic patients with heart dysfunction

4) Bioprocess and host cell optimization for production of biologics

5) Microbial physiology and metabolism as applied to fermentation biotechnology

Languages Miguel Aon speaks: