Problem Solver

Arfan Afzal

Arfan Afzal
Hi, just like a new idea..... consider me your idea generator/ problem solver... you would be addictive.

Areas Arfan Afzal is Knowledgeable in:

CRM, Telecommunication, Energy, Business, Fashion Designing, interior designing

Techniques Arfan Afzal Uses:

Actually this is my God gifted quality and my knowledge about basic systems used in Telecommunication, May approach to Customer problem solving, actually when ever new prodcut or services are in planning phase, i thought what type of customer experience we can face, as I worked in front end desk so, maximum of time I come up with all the possible scenarios where a company can suffer, interms of customer experience, in terms of fraud, risk analysis etc.
My simple technique to solve the proble is to undersand the problem end to end first and then think about the best possible solution with in given timeline and resources.

Arfan Afzal's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Idea generator
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Problem Solving Skill
  5. Creativity

Arfan Afzal's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I put my second idea in competition of 2008 in telenor company, again won the competition with and Idea of Best Complaint Managment System. I left the company that's why could not develope and implement.
  2. I came up with an idea of 24 hours self service telecommunication scheme on my first job in Telenor, I won the company idea competition and after some time I myself wrote all the system requirement and get it developed through vendors, and now its in implementation phase in Telenor, it was highly appreciated and will bring a drastic changes in telecom industry in Pakistan.