Problem Solver

Arthur Douglas

Plain and simple,my goal is to help Clients reach their goals.I will help you get the "juices" flowing and givie you food for thought.

Areas Arthur Douglas is Knowledgeable in:

Creating and Marketing ideas on the web are a real joy.
I also like creating names and slogans.

Techniques Arthur Douglas Uses:

My method is adding one thing to another,until something "pops". I play around with a project and think about the end user expierence.I also look at what incentives will get the end user to use the product or service,then build on that moving forward.

Arthur Douglas's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I have worked with Writers, Photographers,Illustrators and web developers.

Arthur Douglas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. For i came up with idea for their payment method, for their member fundraiser program,and the name for their Affiliate program called "FriendCentive". Another project i was involved in was a website called I created the GoldenRule test,which was designed to get people to become of their actions to one another and hopefully improve how the end users treat their fellow human beings.I also came up with the name.Currently I am helping a firm with a new online dating service and another firm with a incentive based online game.