Problem Solver

Arturo Herrera

My main goal is to provide the simplest form and function solutions for new products.
My creativity skills, multidisciplinary interests and International life experiences could help solve problems in other categories than those above indicated.
I will be also interested in solving problems for the common good without pay.

Areas Arturo Herrera is Knowledgeable in:

-Transportation and accessories design & styling
-Fitness / training devices
-Home / Office fitments and accessories
-Product design innovation in general.

Techniques Arturo Herrera Uses:

Appreciation and mind visualization of the problem's causes and effects.
Brainstorming, Internet research, Lateral thinking, Trial-and-error.
Morphological analysis, drawing studies with explanations and diagrams, VR manipulation of 3D models if needed.
Review of the different possible solutions, selection for the better one, final improvements and simplifications.

Arturo Herrera's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. High-Tech design
  2. Structure configurations and materials
  3. Eco-energy related design
  4. Outdoors and Camping products
  5. Nautic and water sports
  6. Fitness / training devices
  7. Office /desk accessories
  8. Home / kitchen / bathroom accessories
  9. Transportation design and accessories
  10. CAS Surface modelling
  11. Intense brainstorming for identifying needs and producing NEW FORM AND FUNCTION for products or parts

Arturo Herrera's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Design solution for a papaya fruit collector device that solves the issue of safely catching a big, heavy and very delicate fruit that is attached some Meters high.
  2. Use of the arc shape and tension force for obtaining clean supports for some fitments.
  3. Assembly of expanded materials shelving modules on a radial basis by pressure-inserting very common parts as fixing joints.
  4. Ergonomic/safety add-ons for improvements on controls in an obsolete locomotive train cabin.
  5. Take advantage of the internal open space of some kinds of structural modules for inserting joining elements for the assembly.
  6. Compact furniture design that solves Space and cleaning issues on narrow terraces or balcony.
  7. Feet and screw free hanging accessories and furniture.
  8. Designing a new pasta product for the Elderly people with a shape that eases the eating process of pasta and sauce with a spoon.
  9. Making size-universal a one-piece accessory that adapts firmly but comfortably to a human body part.
  10. Meaningfully Improving sun heat insulation efficiency by a new configuration on car sun-shields.
  11. Arturo has just been awarded! For a problem-solving product idea presented to Innocentive