Problem Solver

Avanti Fontana

Avanti Fontana
"Creating Better Value to Achieve SMART Goals"
I facilitate your value creating activities by providing your organization with coaching innovation for teams and systems. I also provide training and workshops on how to innovate and how to diagnose symptomps and/or problems in innovation practices. I let you discover your innovation strengths and capabilities.

Areas Avanti Fontana is Knowledgeable in:

Management of Innovation, Knowledge Management, Innovation Culture, Coaching for Innovation, Management of Education, Innovation for Leadership, Analyzing Innovative Opportunities, Diagnosing Innovation Problems

Techniques Avanti Fontana Uses:

Team-Oriented Problem Solving Approach (TOPS(R)),
Coaching for Innovation, Team Coaching, Systems Coaching, and
Engaged Model of Management Innovation
Engaged Model of Research on Innovation etc.

Avanti Fontana's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Certified Coach for Innovation, Certified Facilitator, Researcher on Innovation, Expert in Diagnosing Innovation Problems

Avanti Fontana's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Team Leader in Problem Solving Team for Quality Improvement at Lembaga Management FEUI (HRM Problem), Team Leader in Building Tools for Evaluating PhD-Student Progress Report, Member of Team and Idea Generator and Developer of Tools for Evaluating Participant-Centered Learning Success/Performance, Facilitating Companies Diagnosing Their Innovation Situations and Problems, Coaching Managers for Innovating in their Organizations, Coaching Executives in Teaching-Learning Method in Class for Innovation and Knowledge Management, Help as Facilitator and Coach in Building Innovation Culture in Organizations and Teams