Be-Nazir Farzana star Proven Solver

I am a Masters Graduate in Biomedical Science with Merit from Newcastle University and I am keen in continuing my career in a research based environment. I am hard working, enthusiastic to learn and I have experiences of working in microbiological, biomedical and plant biology laboratories in various countries such as UK, Bangladesh and India. I have mastered the use of biochemistry and genetic techniques like, HPLC,ELISA, extraction and analysis of nucleic acids, PCR, RT- PCR, Q-PCR, Gel electrophoresis, Western Blot, microscopic methods etc. I am also equipped with IT skills and biological software’s including CLUSTAL W, BLAST, FASTA etc. Being a biomedical student, I am a good team player, yet able to take critical, witty decisions with minimal supervision. In addition, I am competent in liaising with various members of a team for the purposes of negotiation, procurement etc.
My Bsc term paper comprised of “identification of antimicrobial activity of herbal extracts against UTI pathogens”, which encompassed techniques like sample collection, surveys, isolation & characterization of microbial population. My MRes thesis was based on identification of "causative mutations for Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa'. It was carried out in the Stem cell laboratory of Newcastle University, UK, under the supervision of Dr. Majlinda Lako.