Problem Solver

Bela Nemet

Bela Nemet
Because of age preferred the tasks at home and travel only if they are unavoidable.
I have installed Skype, but the voice conversation in English or German is my weak and for minor operations can be used just for a short exchange of necessary information. Translation of written content is not a problem.
In case of major works will include the professional technical personnel to translate.

Areas Bela Nemet is Knowledgeable in:

- Construction of precision mechanical devices
- Construction of special machines
- Construction hobby machinery and tools
- Translation of technical documentation, manuals, etc. from English or German to Croatian, Serbian or Bosnian language
- Photographical works in the engineering profession and tourism
- Technology of harbor
- Investment monitoring in Croatia - Istria and the north coast, Karlovac, Zagreb
- Business Project Planning (like "Microsoft Project") - primarily time planning

Techniques Bela Nemet Uses:

AutoCAD, Phototechniques ect.

Bela Nemet's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Construction: Special machinery, precision mechanics, hobby tools. Port technology, investing, investment monitoring, network p
  2. Translation of technical documentation, manuals, etc. to Croatian, Serbian or Bosnian language

Bela Nemet's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT of special machines and devices:
    - Printer for the first Croatian electronic calculator (TRS-Zagreb)
    - Construction of tools for turning automate (Prvomajska Zagreb)
    - Circular saw blade for length sawing and for cross-cut
    - Other smallmachines and tools for hobby, ect.
    - Management of investment (for equipment) in the port of Rijeka
    - Technological Project for Contener terminal Rijeka
    - Technological project for Cargo port of Osijek
    - Methodology for the computer optimization of ports equipment
    - Till 2007 I was a representative of the State Institute of Intellectual Property
    - I am a President of the Business-innovaton Center - Rijeka Croatia