Bruce Honig

Bruce Honig
CREATE: the Game That Challenges and Expands Your Creativity. A fun game for up to 8 people. You can use the question cards for warming-up your idea generation sessions. The object: To either collect 5 idea tokens (light bulbs), or to reach the end of the creative process. The real object: To use your creativity and have fun. You win by coming up with new ways to play the game...and change the rules. You will be answering questions about your creative process and be challenged by creative open-ended questions. You can easily adapt CREATE to work groups. You can use the cards for warm-ups before a brainstorming. Or use the creative block cards to have discussions on barriers.
Comes with: * Game board * A pair of dice * 8 playing pieces * Challenge cards * Focus cards * Incubate Cards * Aha! Cards * Action Cards * Creative Block Cards * 25 Idea Tokens. People love this is challenging and fun. $35 includes shipping

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CREATE: The Game That Challenges and Expands Your Creativity