Problem Solver

Carl Lindquist

I work very well in groups, lots of experience in brainstorming and then identifying the best ideas to investigate.

Areas Carl Lindquist is Knowledgeable in:

Automotive structural testing (static and fatigue)
Alternative energy (solar, wind, hydro)
Vehicle operation (cars, trucks, boats, construction equipment)

Techniques Carl Lindquist Uses:

Hand Calculations
Model/mockup building

Carl Lindquist's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Significant experience with group dynamics and personality type analysis
  2. Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Vacuum test equipment
  3. Alternative Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro Power)
  4. Automotive Test Engineer-static and fatigue testing of vehicle structure (lab and on road)
  5. Development of Accelerated Fatigue Tests (lab and actual vehicle: strain gauges, etc)
  6. Interface between scientists/engineers and management (I communicate easily with both groups)
  7. Fine Woodworking-highly skilled with hand tools and power tools (including lathe and bandsaw)
  8. Operation of Agricultural/Construction Equipment (Tractors, Excavators, Winches, Chainsaws, Tow Trucks)
  9. Driving, on road (including race track) and off-road (including building test courses)
  10. Timberframe building design and construction

Carl Lindquist's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I spent 11yrs employed by Honda R&D Americas(automotive), the last 3yrs as Technical Expert for the Body Reliability Dept. Part of my job was dealing with market issues which arose and I was responsible for solving several significant issues related to vehicle usage in the US and world markets. I would be happy to discuss them over the phone in general terms but I am not comfortable writing them down for legal/confidentiality reasons.