Problem Solver

Carol Blaney

Carol Blaney
I offer a keen combination of analytical and artistic, left brain and right brain, baby boomer and millennial generation, geek and creativity. I possess a rare dichotomy of natural and learned talents useful for solving your tough problems no one else has been able to solve, or for creating new, innovative and forward-thinking products.

Areas Carol Blaney is Knowledgeable in:

cosmetic formulations, product design, polymer processes, nonwoven webs, spunbonded, meltblown, elastomerics, adhesives, smart film, microporous breathable films, hygiene, fabrics, catamenial devices, diapers, incontinence, absorbency, fluid mechanics, mass transfer, surface chemisty, supercritical fluids, physics, chemistry, modeling, kinetics, thermodynamics, energy balance, green tech, nontoxic products

Techniques Carol Blaney Uses:

Sensory awareness and imagination, coupled with Calculus, differential equations, theoretical principles and modeling, and software packages such as Mathematica, Spacetime4 and Excel; Also a balance of hard work (gathering facts, analyzing problem, research, discussions) with play and rest (where the creative answers usually arise). Meditation. Structured Brainstorming. Collaboration.

Carol Blaney's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. cast films, plastic films, breathable microporous films, filled plastics
  2. All ChE fundamentals: mass transfer, fluid mechanics and fluid flow, rheology, separation processes, scale-up, reactor design
  3. gas chromatography, ESCA, SEM, Instron, Mocon, flowback, flowthrough, WVTR...
  4. Chemical Syntheses, Kinetics, Thermodynamics
  5. Creative Ideation, Coaching creativity, Mind training for creativity
  6. optically active materials, crystalline nanoparticles, far infrared therapy, FIR garments, light therapy
  7. Powerpoint, Microsoft word, Wolfram Mathematica, Spacetime4, Sony Vegas, Cakewalk Sonar, SoundForge, Adobe...
  8. Product design, material design, use-testing, test method development
  9. Feminine Pad design, Diaper design, Medical product design, Cosmetic formulation, Aromatherapy
  10. physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical engineering
  11. Nutrition, ecotoxicology, green tech, macrobiotics, natural products, recycled paper, clean tech
  12. surface chemistry, coatings, supercritical fluid extraction (and SCWO supercritical water oxidation)
  13. meyers-briggs personality testing
  14. distillation, gas separation, mass transfer, diffusion, solutions

Carol Blaney's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I invented an away-from-home water purification device that is as easy to use as a teabag, which kills germs AND delivers iodine-free delicious-tasting water.
  2. I invented a new class of catamenial devices.
  3. I designed and developed a state-of-the-art, life-like test method for testing hygiene products. It contains artificial skin, adipose, tendons, bone, and animatronics, in a true-to-life structure, to replicate real-world 'absorbent product' use, shortening product development time and eliminating product failures.
  4. I designed a discrete 3-D nursing pad that solves customer complaints.
  5. I invented a reactor design for Hi-T, Hi-P, corrosive reactions, that gets around the problem of corrosion and material failure, and enables complete waste destruction in a closed system with no toxic by products.
  6. I developed a patented nonwoven layer in a diaper system that solved mysterious customer complaints that no one else could solve.