Problem Solver

Catalina Geornoiu

Thank you very much for considering my solutions to your challenges !

Areas Catalina Geornoiu is Knowledgeable in:

invention ideas and all submitted areas /challenges

Techniques Catalina Geornoiu Uses:

Knowledge , creativity and wisdom.

Catalina Geornoiu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. green tech-innovator
  2. professional inventor- my dayly/nightly activity
  3. life sciences-studies
  4. science-the foundation of my knowledge
  5. solar-inventor of 100 solar recipients
  6. energy-innovations
  7. mathematics-study and hobby ; school awards in competitions and great rewards
  8. internet-experience and knowledge
  9. education mathematics--experience, former sub English Teacher/Educator in Economic High School/Kindergarten Europe
  10. professional problem solver- professional activity and hobby
  11. ecology-studies and experience
  12. manufacturing-innovator of this technology appliances

Catalina Geornoiu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. interpersonal relationships-experience in coaching and common sense
  2. education - teaching to kindergarten and high school
  3. math and science- are the foundation of my education; applications and innovation
  4. inventor/solver-I have developed a solar energy recipient related to perpetuum mobile,called:
    SOLAR COMPUTERIZED PERPETUUM MOBILE --a mass production factories network for nowadays tech able/programmed to produce/manufacture all items existent on the market
  5. solar-I have developed/innovated numerous solar recipients.
    interpersonal relationships-solved with wisdom and knowledge
  6. green tech- principal field of my innovations;developed some machinery /theory
  7. manufacturing- innovation of machinery
  8. Books mass production industry writing