Problem Solver

Catherine Daly

Catherine Daly
Solving problems generally involves some sort of change. Make sure everyone involved really wants to solve the problem.

Areas Catherine Daly is Knowledgeable in:

I would say that I am a design generalist and a management generalist; my knowledge in the areas I've checked is useful for its breadth and combination. For example, when I say I am particularly knowledgeable and interested in writing, I mean I am particularly knowledgeable about writing in any way on any subject, including technical writing, management of technical writing projects and teams, creating self-documenting systems, intermedia / multimedia creation, text objects, art criticism, etc. -- creating information -- and making that information available -- publishing, broadcasting, streaming, marketing, publicity, reading tours -- every way.

Techniques Catherine Daly Uses:

Whether designing or re-engineering, I always look for precedent, history. People develop "bricks and mortar" and intangible structures for reasons, and these reasons are generally deeply encoded -- beyond practicality. A group of end users may want to match functionality of old office systems regardless of the cost or necessity for performing a certain function, the location of an electrical panel might not seem to make sense, a job or course description -- any role -- may have been written for a particular employee who does not necessarily need to be replicated. Paying attention to why and how a situation arose often helps solving the problem.

Catherine Daly's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Design: Interior, Landscape (Plant Material, Lighting, Drainage, Hardscape, Watering Systems), Construction, Software, Graphic
  2. Construction
  3. Writing for Film, Television, Creative Writing (Poetry, Ficiton, Non-Fiction), etc.
  4. Publishing, Self-Publishing, DIY, Print on Demand, Alternative Media, etc.
  5. Education, Teaching
  6. Guerilla Marketing, Viral Marketing, etc.
  7. Project and Program Management
  8. Computer Programming, Design, Development, Management
  9. Arts and Arts Education, Painting, Installations, Performance

Catherine Daly's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed the first online arts workshop for UCLA Extension. This included protocols for conversation versus sharing versus critiquing work, online chat and telephone "office hours," etc. It included incorporating multimedia in order to create an academic "workshop environment." It also included measures for creating a friendly environment, especially since online communication is often very gendered communication, which particularly becomes harsh to women.
  2. I am an innovative writer. This is actually a category applied to a particular sort of writing.
  3. As a software developer, I created ebusiness websites with my software before the package included html, active server page, or java support: I was able to create a user-friendly "wrapper" around any software.
  4. As a residential designer and contractor, I specialize in low cost solutions. For example, reuse is generally cost efficient. While a set of cabinetry may need replacement in the kitchen, it might be just fine for attic, basement, closet, or garage storage. Yet, because reuse takes more "think time" than expense which yields commission percentages, many designers eschew it.
  5. In another design example, I emphasize using style and age-appropriate hardware and other fixtures whenever possible. While "assembling a set" of matching light fixtures or drapery hardware, perhaps from a salvage operation, may be time consuming, the older fixtures have the aura and quality that reproductions cannot have. (This is actually an idea from literary critic Walter Benjamin.)