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Celia Escalante

Areas Celia Escalante is Knowledgeable in:

Anything requiring a vivid imagination.

Techniques Celia Escalante Uses:

Giving step-by-step instructions on the quickest way to save computer files from a computer that was not able to boot-up.

Celia Escalante's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Strategist, Hosting Online Auctions. Collector, Writing, "How To" Instructor

Celia Escalante's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. During a IdeaConnection challenge, I would attend online meeting with my group and obtain leading possibilities to do research for our group. The research involved facts by pedagogical expectations, investigation, and our interests in meeting the criteria we were given. The operations I undertook was: balancing equations, writing and editing whitepaper, illustration of device, analyzing research papers, shopping for reference books and moreover.
  2. I thought of the flash drive before it was invented. The reason the idea was ready to become possible was due to invention of a new type of desktop memory. The previous kind of desktop memory would lose its data after the power supply would be turned off. The new type did not require electricity to maintain the data. At that time, the desktop memory could not be used as storage media because it would require opening the computer each time data was added or changed. The next possible option was to create an external port; thus, the flash drive was inevitable. That was several years ago. A few years ago, the new technology of double sided memory banks adds to the wants of more data capacity in less volume storage drives.