Charles Hurt

Auxillary rock crushing device.
Erosion and sediment control device fo light roads and trails.
Modular refrigeration concept
High temp terminals for electric heating elements.
Corrosion resistant fastener.
Sensor/instrumentation for early failure warning on earthen dams.
Landfill gas boiler that minimizes flameout.
Rocket boosted saboted projectile
Dust collector improvement.
coupling device that eliminates standard shaft sealing for power transmission.
High volume bubble machine.
Freeze sensor.
Corrosion resistant fastener
commercial truck body cover
infant/elderly vital signs monitoring device.
gas line safety device
adjustable pitch fan blade for hvac applications.
traction/propulsion device for snow, mud and swamps.
high level truck lift gate.
"last drop" liquid dispenser
Anti-rat holing device for bulk solids storage.
Timber structural connector
Device to remove kernels from microwave popcorn bags.
Landfill mining and sorting concept.