Problem Solver

Charles Hurt

Areas Charles Hurt is Knowledgeable in:

Knowledge and experience in the areas of commercial refrigeration, HVAC, plumbing, electric power production, electric power distribution, structural design, dam safety, solid waste disposal, industrial plant design and processes, building and site construction and appliance repair.

Techniques Charles Hurt Uses:

Research, learn and gather as much info I can about a problem and its science, surroundings, history, origins, etc. review any traditional methods and solutions, look for existing solutions in related fields, visualize the problem for better analysis, determine limits of conventional thinking then look beyond that. If ideas don't come right away, let it rest and think about it on another day. Talk it over with others that are capable. Listen to a novice or even daydream about possibilities, sometimes it seems crazy but it might just work. Dissect, remove some larger aspect(s) of the problem and solve smaller parts of the problem. View the problem differently, it may be the answer to something else, can it be worse or improved, can something external be changed that changes the problem, what would it take to live with the problem? Pray for understanding and wisdom.

Charles Hurt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Consulting Engineer

Charles Hurt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Added 5 years of life to a solid waste landfill with out normal cost and risk, worth many millions of dollars to owner.
    Found a way to capture part of a waste stream and produce manufactured sand in a crushed stone plant.
    Developed and built equipment for a lab to run new test procedures.
    Helped clients expand into new markets and take in new customers by thinking outside their box.
    Found a way to recover biogas from ag. operation.
    Designed a slurry pumping system for abrasive solids then outfitted and trained construction crew to build it.
    Designed bridge to support and conceal a 42" sewer line over a creek, with removable deck for access, support mobile loads and architecturally compatible appearance in a sensitive location.
    Found a way to reverse small split phase hermetic refrigeration compressors to remove blockages saving normal replacement costs.
    Designed and built outdoor pool heat pumps at less than half the cost of competitors.