Innovative People

Charles Radley

Charles Radley Seasoned aerospace professional and space enthusiast. Highly motivated with an extensive breadth of
interdisciplinary technical and management skills. Specialized in all aspects of systems safety.
Follows a strong sense of ethics, and thereby gained the trust of government regulators (e.g. NASA,
DOD) and customers.
-Analyzes detailed complex issues while putting them in the “big picture” context
- Distills key points of complex issues for presentation to executives, regulators, subordinates
- Effective communicator. Team player and team leader
- Detail oriented while retaining a big picture perspective.
Aerospace Systems Safety
· Principal author of NASA-GB-1740.13-96 NASA, Guidebook for Safety Critical Software
· Proficient in NASA Payload Safety certification and Range Safety processes
· Hazards analyses and requirements flowdown for commercial and government spacecraft:
· Has performed the following types of hazard analyses on high value space systems
o FMEA/FMECAs Software safety
o Safety interlocks Failure tolerance
o Data decoding and conversion, pre- processing, command interlocks, alarm criteria,
command menus Operator/crew displays
o Operator procedures, training sessions (including for astronauts)
o Pressure vessels Flammability
o Liquid propulsion Solid propulsion
o Pyrotechnics Mechanical systems
o Structures Fracture control
· Integrated and Tested embedded software systems (missile electronics)