Problem Solver

Charlie Garland

Charlie Garland
I am a true outside-the-box thinker (and doer), generating unconventional but practical ideas and approaches to solving problems and creating value. I am highly entrepreneurial, having either lead or assisted in the design of dozens of different business ventures over the past 20 years.

Areas Charlie Garland is Knowledgeable in:

Energy, Business Strategy, Innovation Methodology, Computer Software Development and System Architecture, Sales, Marketing, Conflict-Resolution and Negotiations.

Techniques Charlie Garland Uses:

I have developed my own problem-solving techniques...again, based upon the content of my book. One of the highlights here is the utilization of a taxonomy for categorizing innovation opportunities, called "The Ten Recipes of Innovation," examples of which include "Waste-Reduction/Recovery," "Physical Attributes," "Replication," "Relocation," "Aggregation," "Combination," and others. All of these categories fit within an iterative-cycle value creation methodology I have developed, referred to as STEP(tm): "Strategy, Trial, Error, Perception." This is the basis for my own innovation process.

Charlie Garland's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business Plan Writing/Strategy
  2. Product Licensing
  3. Six Sigma Black Belt/Equivalent
  4. Professional Corporate Trainer
  5. Author (books and magazine articles)
  6. Patent-pending Inventor
  7. B.S. Industrial Engineering
  8. M.B.A.
  9. Product Developer & Designer
  10. Innovation Process Developer

Charlie Garland's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have written a book that effectively re-defines "innovation" as we (collectively, conventionally) know it. The book, entitled "Thinking with an Innovative Mind," is scheduled for publication in early 2010, and presents new and provocative concepts around innovation and how it is used, who uses it, where it can be applied, and what its measurable value (to institutions, to individuals, and to society) can be. The content of this book is being repurposed into training, consulting, and executive coaching services, currently.
  2. I am the co-inventor of a system for alleviating congestion problems in the domestic electric power transmission & distribution system (i.e. "the grid"). This is an innovation called SCAMPS(tm) -- "Self Contained Adaptive Mobile Power System," which utilizes mass-deployment of mobile distributed generation assets throughout the entire "network" of power delivery lines, substations, etc. The architecture of this system borrows significantly from the very same architecture that characterizes high-level "n-tier" client/server computer networks.