Chavah Golden

Chavah Golden's Training:

Masters Degree in Organization Development (to facilitate problem solving and innovation in companies and organizations)
Masters Degree in Leisure and Environmental Resources Administration (to facilitate growth and innovation in Nursing Home "Recreation" programs)

Chavah Golden's Experience:

Teaching at University of Chicago, Roosevelt University, and DePaul University in Chicago. I taught "How to Create a Learning Organization," "Knowledge Sharing in Corporations," and "Leadership for Technical Professionals."

Founded and operated a graphics education company, which customized learning programs for ad agencies, publishing houses, print firms, and marketing/advertising departments in corporations.

Spoke and facilitated discussions at association conferences as keynote speaker and breakout facilitator. Solved entrepreneurial, printing, design, and publishing dilemmas.

I continue to facilitate problem solving sessions on what is blocking progress and what to do about it for entrepreneurs, business people, and corporations.

... And much more. I have facilitated, trained, and consulted for my entire career (since 1970s).

Chavah Golden's Experience with Online Groups:

I am proficient with online tools, but I have not facilitated groups online. I would love to learn.