Problem Solver

Chavah Golden

People who have used me have had their designated problems solved in expected and unexpected ways.

Areas Chavah Golden is Knowledgeable in:

Human issues like decision making, creativity, innovation, conflict/peace.
Training and adult education
Questioning and inquiry
Insights and perception
Synthesis of opposites
Instructional design

Techniques Chavah Golden Uses:

Questioning and active listening
Illustrating concepts to reflect my understanding and bring others to the same page
Remaining a "question," or not drawing conclusions too quickly.
Disassembling and assembling information, processes, beliefs (my own and others')
Testing assumptions
Suggesting abnormal solutions to spark hidden information.

Chavah Golden's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Insight gathering: Understand goal very deeply, gather insights related and that might be useful
  2. Conceptual illustration: Sketch concepts that are difficult to understand, show the core of a problem from which to generate id
  3. Questioning: Listening, few but insightful questions that are relevant, focused, and on target.
  4. Synthesizing disparate information: Hold opposites and converge them
  5. Idea generating: Generate ideas that will stick, are relevant, and on point.

Chavah Golden's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Increase sales: Strategy for understanding customer needs at their core.
  2. Reduce conflict: Developed customizing learning process to resolve conflict and solve problems.
  3. Eliminate productivity and financial loss: Process by which to assess individual behaviors and make changes.
  4. Reduce recurrence of problems: Questioning process to mine insights for making sustainable decisions, ideas, and solutions to problems.
  5. Sales efficiency: Current clients are easier to market to: I developed a process of training/teaching to maximize retention up to 90%.