Innovative People

Chris DeArmitt

Chris DeArmitt In 2016 I published the acclaimed book Innovation Abyss: An Innovator's Solutions to Corporate Innovation Failure. It ruthlessly reveals the real obstacles to innovation and shows simple ways to get 10x better return on R&D efforts.

I am famous for coming up with truly breakthrough solutions in many fields (chemistry, polymers, mineral fillers, and materials). I have been known to solve problems thought to be impossible.

As an example, I solved a major product quality issue that had confounded BASF for over 30 years. They had spent over 3 million Euros trying to solve the problem without success. I also invented a new type of plastic that changes transparency reversibly with temperature.

I am a six-time Innocentive open innovation challenge winner (making a sodium free baking soda, a way to make ultra-high crystallinity polyethylene, a challenge for special water soluble or dispersible fillers and a fast-absorbing pop-up material). This places me in the top 0.01% of registered innovators.

At present I am helping several Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies develop breakthrough products.

I am an award-winning speaker, conference chairperson and voted #1 plastics expert by my peers. As well as innovation, I also teach courses on plastics, additives and how to make innovation work in the real world.