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Chris DeArmitt

Chris DeArmitt
I have spent most of my career actually innovating rather than writing and presenting about the topic. For example, I worked at Electrolux's headquarters in Stockholm Sweden and at BASF's headquarters in Ludwigshafen Germany. Later, I worked as Chief Scientist at Hybrid Plastics in the USA and then founded my own consultancy company, Phantom Plastics. I was CTO of Applied Minerals Inc in NY where I pioneered new applications for the mineral Halloysite.

Over the years, I saw patterns emerge and the frustration of innovators and manager alike as they struggled to deliver innovation and were invariably thwarted. I then decided to write some observations on what the problems are and how to fix them. Thus, I made my start in this area in 2009. So far I have written two article which were met by very positive feedback. I am developing my revolutionary new Innovation Index which can estimate how innovative a company will be and how to improve their chances to have a breakthrough.

I also lecture on innovation where I find that the audience appreciates my perspective of speaking from experience rather than merely proposing theoretical explanations. My input has opened the eyes of industrial participants and MBA students alike. You can read more at my website

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